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We can take the lead in all things Gaming Machine Bases from concept, design, manufacturing, and installation. Whether you are upgrading your venue, adding some new consoles, or starting from new, the expert team at GMBA can guide you through the process and keep you apprised of all developments. Trust GMBA to give your gaming venue the advantage through our years of expertise.

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10 Years Experience

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Gaming Base Design

Give your gaming venue a polished, glitzy, or even subtle look with gaming bases manufactured and customised right here in Australia by GMBA. We can cater to all console types, giving you a range of finishes that blend into your décor. We use computer-aided design and precision tooling for unique looks and themes. Your venue can customise bases, screens, benchtops, leading-edge profiles, and add on customised lighting including RGB (rainbow) colours and patterns. The choice is yours – and the choices are endless.

Gaming Room Design

From the entry way to consoles to lighting, GMBA can fully customise a gaming room design that adheres to your vision while maintaining regulatory standards. From benches, reception areas, bases, lighting, and themed consoles, GMBA can advise you on novel and patron-friendly approaches that will stand the test of time. We work with your current design to create your desired atmosphere. We lay out the position of your fit-out and manage the entire project to ensure a success.

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