Gaming Machine Bases Australia

Gaming Machine Bases Australia design and manufacture premium electronic gaming machine bases for gaming venues around Australia. Select from bases, screens, accessories and design your own gaming room to fit your specifications.

About Us

Gaming Machine Bases Australia provide quality Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) bases, infill benches, and screens to a variety of gaming venues around Australia.

We have had over 20 years in the Gaming industry ensuring we are in tune with the requirements of comfort for the venues customers so they can enjoy their Gaming Experience.

We design our bases so that staff and technicians have easy access under the bench for cabling or collection of coins.

We use the highest quality materials and innovative processes to ensure your EGM bases enhance your gaming room décor and design. We design all our EGM bases in-house, taking the lead in project management to ensure timely delivery.

Gaming Machine Bases Australia is the trusted name for manufacture of EGM bases, custom gaming benches and screens, demonstrated by our consistency in quality.

Our Products

Tailored to suit your venue

Customised Gaming Benches

Order EGM bases in custom colours and finishes that suit your venue. Choose from:

  • Custom base colours
  • Custom benchtop colours
  • Custom leading edge profiles
  • Custom add-ons or finishes

Customised Gaming Screens

Colours, materials, and sizes made and fit to order. Create a unique solution that blends with your venue décor and layout.

  • Custom base colours
  • Custom benchtop colours
  • Custom leading-edge profiles
  • Custom cut-outs or patterned screen designs

Complete Gaming Base Services

Gaming Base Design

Design your gaming machine base from start to finish with our expert team. Customise your gaming base to fit your décor and gaming regulator specifications. Select materials, colours, add-ons and more to make a gaming base that’s uniquely yours.

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Project Management

We handle the entire project from design, manufacture, and installation. Trust Gaming Machine Bases Australia to deliver orders large or small to your venue. We manage the quality and timeliness of your order to ensure cost-effectiveness and peace of mind.

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Gaming Room Design

We partner with venues to create entire gaming rooms to suit a variety of casinos, hospitality venues, and clubs. We lay out the position of gaming machines to ensure maximum comfort and a style that suits your vision.

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Our Clients